Undressed to Impress

My story

on October 25, 2011

Until Spring 2011 I, like most women, was wearing the wrong bra size. I wasn’t completely oblivious to it: I realised that the bras I was wearing (32Es) were too loose in the band, but I was clueless that bras in 30 and 28 back bands existed. I even owned some shockingly bad 34DDs because I liked the designs, and some 32DDs as, being too small, they gave me great cleavage. I’d always found measuring guides predicted too small a cup size for me and with this in mind I started looking online for an alternative guide, and stumbled across one which advised me to add 1-2 inches to my 27” underbust measurement. From this I concluded I should be wearing a 30 back (after all, I know girls far skinnier than I so I couldn’t possibly be a 28) and working out the equivalent cup size (the only bit of bra measuring I was doing right) I arrived at a 30F. I’d always found nice, cheap 32Es a little bit hard to come by, and being used to La Senza £5 bra sales I was shocked by the prices and limited ranges available in a 30F. Being a poor student I couldn’t afford these prices and turned instead to eBay, where I found a couple for a very reasonable price. However, when they arrived I realised that whilst they felt a lot tighter than my 32s, I could fit more than two fingers into the band and so they still weren’t tight enough.

After another internet search I came across a measuring guide telling me to add nothing to my underbust measurement. This would make my size a 28FF, something which didn’t sound right at all. I was at this time lucky enough to be living near a Bravissimo store, where I went to try on some bras in a 28FF. One of the first I tried was the Masquerade Lula-Mae: a terrible bra for me to try on to work out my size! I have since tried this style in three different sizes and still haven’t found the right fit, although I am determined to find one which works for me as I love the design. After trying on a few more styles I was thoroughly confused: in some the 28FF seemed fine, in others the cups were too small or too large, in others the bands too loose! It was at this point I learned that, just like in clothing stores, you can be a different size in different brands and styles. What I did notice was what a huge difference it made to my shape to be wearing the right size. Finally my bust looked the right shape and in the right place under clothing! As for my assumption that wearing a 28 back must only be the preserve of the super-skinny, I was proved wrong.

A few months since discovering my correct bra size, I’m now a fully-fledged lingerie addict. I read about lingerie every day and spend far too much of my meagre salary on underwear! Unfortunately for my new habit, I’ve recently moved to Paris: a city where I am surrounded by beautiful lingerie but looked at like I’m crazy when I ask for a 75H (the French equivalent of a UK 28FF!) in a shop. So this blog is partly aimed at alleviating my longing for lingerie I can’t have, as well as sharing with you the lingerie I hopefully can.


3 responses to “My story

  1. blue says:

    Hi 🙂 I was wondering if you ever found what you what you were looking for in paris? I heard that there are shops that sell curvy kate, freya, panache, ect, there- but I haven’t found any yet. I totally get what you mean- I’m a 28G, and the best I have found so far are 85F’s at darjeelings or simone perele- expensive, and they don’t last long. My parents won’t let me order online… Are there any other options, other than a trip to the UK? XD

    • Laura says:

      Sadly I didn’t ever find my size in a shop in Paris. However, I do know that many brands have been expanding their French stockists in recent months. I think the best tactic is to look at the lists of stockists on brand websites and maybe phone the shops before you visit to see if they have what you’re looking for. They’re definitely out there, it just might take some work to find them. Good luck!

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