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Going dotty over Crystal

on November 18, 2011

My decision to finally start this blog a few weeks ago couldn’t have come at a worse time: my laptop decided to give up and head to computer heaven. I knew this moment was coming but I had hoped it wouldn’t be during this year I’m in France surrounded by laptops with the wrong keyboards. Luckily, I’ve borrowed one from my kind landlord and have spent the past two weeks practising not typing a Q whenever I want an A until mine can (hopefully) be fixed by my computer genius father at Christmas.

To make myself feel a bit better about this unfortunate incident I decided to treat myself to some new lingerie. OK, I would have done anyway but it’s nice to have an excuse for once! I’ve had my eye on the gorgeous Freya Crystal, a teal, spotted version of the wonderful Deco, for a while now and, as much as I love my nude Deco, I was excited to own a more attractive version.

The Crystal absolutely did not disappoint on looks. Teal is my favourite colour, featuring heavily in my wardrobe, bed linen, towels and, lately, shoe collection, so this bra fits right in! The base colour is teal, accentuated with pale blue spots. The trim is the reverse of this colourway and adds a bit more interest compared to the regular Deco.

I ordered the bra in my usual 28FF, the same size I wear in the Deco, with the matching brief in XS. The bra is a perfect fit and gives a lovely rounded shape under clothing. Just like the Deco, it is the perfect t-shirt bra: moulded, seamfree cups lined with a thin layer of nipple-concealing foam. The knickers are also seamfree and slightly tight on me, but I always find the S too large in Freya bottoms so this is my preferred option.


The fit of the Crystal feels almost identical to the Deco. Indeed, comparing it next to my Deco showed me that the measurements are exactly the same. The only slight difference I noticed was that the piping on the top of the cup makes the Crystal sit better against the line of my breasts than the Deco does: I often find the Deco sits slightly away from my body. This is partly because my breasts aren’t very full on top, so I prefer the way the Crystal sits. The only negatives I noticed with the fit are the same two slight complaints I have with the Deco. Firstly, the band runs about a size too large so I would advise prospective purchasers to size down in the band and up in the cup accordingly. Unfortunately, I can’t take this advice myself as there is no 26 band. For now it fits fine on the tightest hook, but I will probably sew the band tighter as it loosens. The second slight issue I have noticed is that the wires don’t come up quite as high at the sides as they do on many other plunge bras, so my breast tissue can sometimes escape out the sides. A little rearrangement quickly fixes this and it doesn’t cause me a big problem.

Full marks go to Freya for the fully adjustable straps, but they are very easy to adjust and will undoubtedly slip when washing. A couple of stitches could easily fix this if it bothered you, otherwise just remember to re-adjust after washing! I also like the fact that this bra has two hooks, instead of the three I often find in my size. I know many people would disagree with me on this, but I personally prefer two as I don’t feel I need the extra support three gives and I find doing up three hooks can sometimes be a bit fiddly.

Overall, a great update to the Deco style and I can’t wait to try out the Taylor! Bring on payday…


6 responses to “Going dotty over Crystal

  1. Lucia Oldenhof says:

    Thanks for the information, really helpful. I’m a 34ff in Freya, but have found a 34f is best in the deco for me. I had no idea about this bra but now I know what size to buy. Lucia.

  2. kellygare says:

    Hi which colour Deco bra are you comparing this bra too? I’ve found that I am a 30FF in black, but a 28G in the Ocean colourway. I’d love to order this bra online, so I’m just wondering which size to go for?

  3. kellygare says:

    That’s fab. I did go for the 28 in the end. I “spoke” to an online helper before I saw your reply, on Belle Lingerie who seemed totally flummoxed by the idea of the colours coming up differently in size. You’d think they’d know who the reality of this, working for a lingerie retailer and all ¬_¬

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