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Made in a 28…and then sent to a far away galaxy?

on November 20, 2011

Since finding out I should wear a 28 back I don’t like to ‘make do’ with any bra that doesn’t give me as much support as a good 28 will. I’m very grateful that there are so many great UK lingerie companies that make 28 backs, such as Curvy Kate, Freya and Panache. I particularly love Masquerade by Panache, a collection of slightly more expensive, but utterly beautiful and wearable lingerie which does terrible things to my bank balance. Every season they bring out a bra I’ve previously adored in another gorgeous colourway, and this season it was the Rhea in a Mulberry colour which looks perfect for winter.

Stunning, right? So it’s great to know it starts at a 28 back. Theoretically.

I don’t earn a lot and have just finished university with all of the debts that come with that. I’m fairly resigned to having to pay a lot for underwear in my size, but I always try to find discounts where I can, especially with this set coming in around the £50 mark at full price. I often try sites like Amazon and eBay to get discounts on newer styles which Brastop (another cheap favourite) don’t yet stock. However, finding this style in my size proved a whole lot harder than usual, with size ranges on many sites starting from a 30 or even a 32.

I’ve taken these examples from Asos and Amazon, who both stock the Rhea in sizes starting at a 30. Both these sites stock other styles starting at a 28 back, so why not this one? I very much appreciate the free returns offered by both these sites, and often make use of this to determine my size in a particular style, but since they often offer great discounts on the styles it would be nice to be able to make my final purchase from them. These two are by no means the only culprits, with a quick search on the internet bringing up only the likes of Bravissimo and Figleaves (both stocking the style at full price) if you want one in a 28, but plenty more options if you’re a 32 or bigger.

I eventually got my Rhea from Figleaves with their recent site-wide 20% discount and a £10 discount voucher I got hold of from MoneySupermarket Local Deals, bringing it down to the much more affordable price of £16.40! A happy ending in this case, but this is by no means the only time I’ve noticed the problem, and not just with Masquerade but other brands too. It’s great that these bras are being produced in 28 backs, and hopefully one day even smaller, but without a larger range of stockists women will continue to buy the wrong size and make do with a bra that isn’t supporting them the way it should.


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  1. […] when retailers stock bras starting at a 30 back when I know they are produced in a 28 band, something I’ve talked about before and particularly noticed with my beloved Masquerade […]

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