Undressed to Impress

Flame Boy!*

on January 10, 2012

Before Christmas I placed an enormous Amazon order for lingerie – about 20 bras in total – in the hope I’d find a couple of new ones before I returned to the wasteland of ill-fitting bras that is France. I kept just two of them, but made notes on all of them for future reviews. Unfortunately a complete lack of computer access over the holiday period left me unable to write or publish any of these reviews so they’re a little late coming, but here is the first!

Any 28 band wearer knows that the range of bras available is much smaller than even the 30 band market, let alone the 32+ market. The options are also heavily biased in favour of unpadded, which is unfortunate for me as I don’t like and hence don’t wear unpadded styles. I generally find that they produce a shape I really don’t like, or just don’t fit me quite right –  I often find myself wanting something halfway between a FF and a G no matter how much I try varying the strap length and the way I sit in it in an attempt to alter the fit. I have also generally found the wires to dig in more than on a padded bra, and this is something I often have a problem with due to having very little fat around my ribcage. However, cutting out such a large chunk of the bras available in my size without even considering them doesn’t seem like the most sensible option and so I’m making an effort to try more unpadded styles in the hope of finding one that works for me.

The Curvy Kate Emily is a style I’ve previously ordered and quite liked, but I ended up returning it because I didn’t think I would wear it often enough. I bought the Flame option this time round, and as it is from a past season I got it in a 28FF for the bargain price of around £8 from Amazon, with the matching knickers for just £2 from Brastop. At just £14 for a bra and three pairs of knickers, this was a brilliant bargain.

The Flame colourway is aptly named and features a bright red base highlighted with delicate orange embroidery. It’s a lovely bright set and whilst I think the embroidery can look a bit old-fashioned on some of the other colourways, it really works here. In typical Curvy Kate style, bow detailing between the cups and where the straps attach finishes off the look. The bottom portion of each cup is double-lined for extra support and the whole thing feels well-made. The band closes with three hooks and the straps are quite wide and fully adjustable. The only downside of the construction for me, which applies to most unpadded bras, is that the polyamide mesh won’t be very breathable and so won’t be good in hot weather. Probably not a massive worry for those of us in the UK though!

(I had to use the flash on my camera, so please bear in mind that my photos aren’t a great representation of the true colour!)

The band is true to size, and fits me well on the loosest set of hooks. The cups are also a good fit, enclosing all my breast tissue well without any wrinkling or overspill. The shape is good from the side, looking smooth and rounded under clothing. My only issue with this bra is that I find the wires dig in painfully. Under the arms they are OK and don’t come up too high – in fact, the wires finish before the end of their casing. However, the centre wires were digging in so badly that I was desperate to take the bra off after only twenty minutes. I think this is mostly down to me having a very bony ribcage, as I often experience this problem with balconette bras and so favour plunges with their low centre gore. I’ve been put off from wearing this bra because of the wire problem, but I am hoping that it will soften up a little after wearing and washing, otherwise I will have to try bending the wires and/or sewing some extra padding over them.


*A little Friends reference for you in the title. It has nothing to do with anything except it came to mind when I saw the name of the colour. And I love Friends!


2 responses to “Flame Boy!*

  1. Kati says:

    The wires dig in because they are very hard and stiff. If you have any old bra with similar wires try replacing the wires. Sometimes wires dig in when the band is too tight, so you can try wearing the bra with an extender.

    • Laura says:

      Hi Kati, thanks for your comment. It’s definitely not a case of the band being too tight so it must just be stiff wires. In any case, I don’t really wear unpadded bras and this one no longer fits me so it’s not worth the effort!

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