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Isn’t Elegance forgetting what one is wearing?

on January 20, 2012

I love to wear plunge bras, even though it is often tricky to get the right fit and I know a lot of women don’t get on with them. For me, the low centre wires always appeal as I often find bras with higher wires dig in, even when they are the right size. They’re also great for low-cut tops and a good plunge bra will give me the kind of cleavage I love. With this in mind I purchased the Curvy Kate Elegance a while back for a bargain price on Amazon, with free delivery and free returns – a massive bonus when shopping online for lingerie as sizes can vary hugely even within the same brand.

The Elegance is a simple but sexy plunge bra styled in black or white satin and trimmed with thick lace. It is lightly padded but not moulded for just the right amount of shape. Like all Curvy Kate styles it is available in a large range of sizes, with backs from 28 to 38 and cups up to a J in some back sizes. I bought this style in black in a 28G rather than my usual 28FF as I find I often have to size up in plunge bras, including Curvy Kate’s Tempt Me style (in which I actually have to size up by two cups).


Unlike the Showgirl range, which runs large in the band, the Elegance fits firmly on the loosest hook in a 28 back for me. It fastens with three hooks and I find the band to be just the right width to lie smoothly and not cause any bulging. The cup fit on me is unfortunately less successful. The cups are very shallow and flatten out my profile, but I do get a good cleavage from the front. I don’t quite fill the bottom of the cups and some of the material just above the underwire rests flat on my chest. I used to own a Wonderbra that had this effect to the extreme and I kept falling out of it. Needless to say, I no longer own it! The shallowness of the bottom of the cups on the Elegance is not  significant enough to cause me to fall out of it, but this may be because I sized up in the cup. I don’t think the FF would have been a successful fit at all, but there is some empty material under the armpit in the G.

The bra is very comfy to wear all day and doesn’t dig in anywhere, to the point that you can actually forget you’re wearing it! I found the back a bit stiff at first but it loosened slightly after a couple of washes and now I don’t notice any problems. It also hasn’t stretched out beyond this point in the few months I’ve owned it, so it is likely to have a longer life than my gorgeous Showgirl bras. This is not a bra I’d wear under a tight t-shirt, as the thick lace would show through and the bra also flattens my profile, as I mentioned before. However, with a low-cut top the cleavage is great for an outfit on a night out. I’m very curious to try out the new Curvy Kate ‘Wild’ plunge style to see how it compares! Alas, it won’t be released until later this year, along with the blue Tempt Me which looks like the bra of my dreams…


4 responses to “Isn’t Elegance forgetting what one is wearing?

  1. CGCouture says:

    Hi! I found your blog whilst looking at different bras, and I thought you might know the answer to my question. I ❤ my (admittedly too small now) Tempt Me bra, and I'm looking to size up and replace it. Does this one fit the same as the Tempt Me? It looks like it should….

    • Laura says:

      It does indeed fit the same as the Tempt Me, and the newer (AW12) Wild bra also fits the same. I would say the band was slightly tighter in this than the Tempt Me, but not to the extent that I’d recommend sizing up. Hope that helps!

      • CGCouture says:

        Yes it does! Thanks so much!
        P.S. It’s awesome to find a fellow narrow-shouldered gal, I don’t know if other people just ignore that strap rubbing in miserable silence, or if we really are in the minority….

      • Laura says:

        You’re welcome!
        I think it’s a combination of the two. I know I’m particularly narrow-shouldered, but many women seem to think wearing a bra is supposed to be uncomfortable. It really makes me sad.

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