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BiuBiu Buys

on January 22, 2012

I’ve heard a lot about BiuBiu in the big-busted blogosphere (great reviews can be found here, here and here, among others) which has been tempting me to try them out for a while now. I’ve been putting it off because I don’t have the biggest bust in the world and so I don’t have too much difficulty finding flattering and reasonably well-fitted clothing on the high street. However, when it comes to the working wardrobe I’ve not had quite so much luck. My wardrobe contains a fair few dodgy shirts – ranging from styles that fit me in the bust but from there downwards make me look pregnant/like a painter/both if I’m really unlucky to styles that fit in the waist but won’t button any higher.  Luckily, since school (when I sported both of the aforementioned unfortunate looks) I haven’t had any jobs that required regular shirt wearing. But as job-hunting season creeps ever closer, I decided it was about time I put together a smart, formal interview outfit – with hippy chic and cleavage both firmly off the table. Enter BiuBiu.

BiuBiu are a small Polish company specialising in clothing for women with larger busts. In the UK this business idea began with Bravissimo’s Pepperberry range, which offers regular clothing sizes with an extra choice of three levels of ‘curviness’. Unfortunately for me and many other women, the clothing sizes come up large, with their size 8s usually swamping me. They are also expensive and I find the styles can often be on the frumpy side. BiuBiu also use standard clothing sizes with an extra choice of three bust sizes: B, BB and BBB, with BBB being the largest. The styles are also much more affordable, with tops and shirts giving you change from a £20 note and dresses ranging from about £25-£40. The real selling point of BiuBiu for me is that the majority of their products are simple, stylish and versatile – meaning you’re going to be able to wear them every day. This gives the products more of a youthful feel over Pepperberry in my opinion.

Using the sizing guide I decided I was a 34BB in tailored styles and a 34B/BB in jersey styles. The current stock included plenty of jersey styles in my size, but unfortunately only two shirts in the tailored styles, both in colours that don’t suit me. Since finding a shirt was the main point of my order, I decided to size up to a 36B and ordered the short-sleeved City shirt in blue. I also chose the Fuego in Jade in a 36B/BB – again, there was no 34 in stock and I loved the colour too much to resist – and the short-sleeved blue Porto – again in a 36B/BB, this time because I’d heard it’s quite clingy.

City Fuego Porto

The whole ordering experience with BiuBiu was very easy. The website can be translated into English by clicking the flag in the top corner of the page and this also changes the prices for you. In my case it changed them into euros, but I’m in France so I don’t know whether this is location sensitive. In any case, it gives you a better idea of how much each item is without having to type everything into your calculator as you browse. The only problem I encountered was not being able to find an international shipping option at first.  However, once I’d created an account with my address I found the option I needed with ease. The postage was quite expensive: 9 euros for three items, jumping to 15 if I added a fourth to my basket, but my items did arrive quickly (within 4 days, if I remember correctly). In addition, all the items I ordered were reduced, so they still worked out being very reasonable.

The items weren’t a rousing success in terms of size, but since I’d had to size up I wasn’t expecting perfection. Firstly, here is the City shirt:

As you can see, the shirt fits well over the bust and shoulders but is too big on my waist and hips. Here’s how I wanted it to look:

Since I can’t exchange for a smaller side, I’ve decided to keep the shirt and alter it. There are two darts running up the back of the shirt which would be very easy to increase, and this will give me a tighter fit at the waist without losing any of the bust room. I’m also going to remove the turn-ups on the sleeves as I think I will prefer it without these. These are both minor alterations and overall, I’m pleased with the shirt. It’s well-made and the fabric is good quality, and the short-sleeves will keep me cool in the summer. My only complaint is that it is a little see-through, but this is to be expected with lighter-coloured fabrics and it’s not really a problem.

Next up is the Fuego:

The colour of this one is a little more green than I was expecting, but it’s still very nice and a great colour on me. Unfortunately, like the City, this one is too big. In addition, it’s slightly too long for my 5’6″ frame and ends at an unflattering point. The length would be great for women who are a bit longer in the torso, and, in the right size, good to skim over a slightly flabby tummy. In a larger size, it would conceal a small baby bump well but since I don’t mind standing on the bus, I decided to return it!

Finally, the Porto:

The Porto is my favourite of the three tops I ordered. I’m glad I sized up in this one, as it fits well without being overly clingy. It shows off my lumps and bumps a bit more, but not excessively so. The length is much better for me and the bust fits perfectly.

I’m very impressed with BiuBiu, particularly in terms of the quality of the items at such low prices. I will definitely be ordering again in future, and hope that more small sizes will be available when the stock is replenished. The Porto is a top I can see myself wearing again and again, and the City shirt will be great for interviews and office wear. The site provides a good selection of clothing for the busty working woman, which I think is a great idea as the workplace is an area where few women want to be showing cleavage. Finally, BiuBiu make it extremely easy to place international orders, so this clothing is an affordable option for women everywhere.


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  1. astrid says:

    Do you actually make the alterations yourself?

  2. […] from Thin and Cuvry. Be sure to check her other posts! Holly from The Full Figured Chest Laura from Undressed to Impress Share this:TwitterFacebookEmailPinterestTumblrLike this:LikeBe the first to like […]

  3. […] from Thin and Cuvry. Be sure to check her other posts! Holly from The Full Figured Chest Laura from Undressed to Impress Share this:TwitterFacebookEmailPinterestTumblrLike this:LikeBe the first to like […]

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