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Freya (mis)fortune

on February 1, 2012

Freya as a brand generally leave me feeling a little jaded. Every season they come up with a bigger range of D+ bras than any other brand I can think of, albeit without much range of shapes. These aren’t just boring bras either. Their ranges are youthful, colourful and cover a range of needs – including swimwear and loungewear too. But more often than not, I cannot wear Freya bras. They often don’t offer styles in a 28 band, including, most disappointingly for me, their longline style and their triangle bikini tops. But not only that, their bands are often considerably looser than other brands I’ve tried, and I find I cannot wear the 28 backs they do offer.

I got excited this morning to see an image of the longline style to be offered in the AW12 collection. I’ve not been overwhelmed by the designs they’ve brought this style out in and I was particularly disappointed by the Edina this season, but I have been desperately longing for a longline bra for longer than I can remember (am I getting the message across with the overuse of ‘long’ there?). The style debuted with a very limited range of sizes, starting at a 30 back, and this expanded with the Edina but also went no lower than a 30. So I hoped and I prayed that next season might be the time for Freya to introduce a 28 back in the longline…


…but it is not to be. If the triangle bikini top style is anything to go by, I shouldn’t get my hopes up that it’ll ever be available in a 28.


4 responses to “Freya (mis)fortune

  1. bybabysrules says:

    I am suffering from the same disappointments. I’d love a long line bra, I’ve found one by Panache/Cleo in a 28, but not in my cup size. I asked them about their bikini tops on twitter yesterday. It seems like any bra above a G has a much higher center gore. Same goes with their bikinis. Why should my 28H have a high gore when a 32G would not. Just doesn’t make sense to me. I guess we just continue to hope.

    • Laura says:

      I think I know the Cleo one you mean – I tried it too but found it too small in the cup. I hated the colours so I never went looking for the larger size I needed.
      I agree it’s silly how they alter larger sizes when the equivalent cup in a bigger band doesn’t get the alteration. Sometimes it makes me think the bra companies themselves don’t understand sizing properly!

  2. Kitty says:

    Me too! I’m a 28FF in Freya and I can’t fathom why there aren’t 28 backs in the longline, triangle and some half cup styles. A petition needs to be drawn up I think!

    Btw love your blog.


    Kitty xo


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