Undressed to Impress

Hey Lyla…

on February 11, 2012

It’s 5am and I can’t sleep, so I thought I’d do something useful and review a bra. The Freya Lyla is basically the same bra as the Arabella, a bra which was around for many seasons in many different colours. The Lyla has floral embroidery on the cups instead of the simpler design the Arabella had, but shares the sexy sheer cups and shape. I’ve never tried the Arabella, partly out of my dislike for non-padded bras and partly because I fell in love with the Cassis version but could never get it in my size. I wasn’t particularly excited to try the Lyla when it first came out, but it looked so good on the model I had to give it a go.

Unfortunately, Lyla and I did not get on. The bra was more full coverage than I was expecting and came up much higher than I like my bras to usually. In addition, the centre gore came up higher than I like to see on a plunge. The wires in the centre of unpadded bras really have a tendency to stab me, so I really try to find the lowest ones I can, although I appreciate it is harder to produce an unpadded bra with a low centre gore than a padded one. I did like the colouring and the attention to detail, in particular the red on the inside of the straps. The embroidery was not especially to my taste and I prefer the simpler Arabella.

As with most Freya bras, I found the 28 band fairly loose as 28s go, and since my underbust is only 26 inches, I prefer tighter 28s when I can get them. My biggest issue with the bra was far more of a problem than the band size, and it was the shape it gave me.

The cups fit OK, cutting into the top of my breast tissue only a tiny bit, but the uplift was non-existent. And this is after considerable tightening of the straps! I felt like the bra just sat on me and didn’t change my natural shape. If I wanted that I wouldn’t bother wearing a bra!

You can probably see in this last picture I have a problem with migrated breast tissue, as many women who’ve been wearing the wrong size do. In most bras I can get rid of this with proper rearrangement after I’ve put the bra on, but it just kept slipping back out of the side of the cups with the Lyla. I suspect the wires were not quite high enough under the armpit to contain the problem tissue.

A disappointment of a bra for me, but I wasn’t too enamoured with its looks (just the model, really!) so no great loss. I’m still yet to be impressed by a Freya bra other than the Deco.


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