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Longline Lust

on February 11, 2012

I’ve been drooling over longline bras for a very long time now, and have been envious of my friends who can buy dress-sized ones from high street shops. It induces that kind of bra stupidity in me where I think ‘oh but I could just buy a large and take in the band’ or ‘a 34 back won’t be THAT huge, will it?’ Luckily, I didn’t succumb to this foolishness and was just a miserable bystander in this trend until a Christmas promotion at Debenhams reeled me in a couple of months ago. I spotted two longlines in their ‘Gorgeous range’ which both started from a 30 back, which I was willing to try as I have had some tight bands from their range before.

Black Spot Flock Longline Bra Gold Jaquard Flower Longline Bra

Like all the bras in the Gorgeous range at Debenhams, both the longlines are very reasonably priced at £24 with matching knickers coming in at £8.50. Debenhams also offer free delivery on orders over £30 and simple, free returns. My experience shopping online with Debenhams was positive overall and only let down by the delivery man who was clearly lacking intelligence. In the week before Christmas when it was cold and wet, he put my parcel over the back gate, where it lay for three days as I was away for the weekend. The bag was wet inside but luckily the bras were in individual plastic wrap, otherwise they would have been wet too and probably damaged. What was most illogical is that the parcel could have easily fit through my letterbox!

Lookswise I very much like the black bra. I’m a sucker for anything with a flocked pattern as I love the way it feels. I like the details on the bra, with the contrasting purple straps (which are a lovely velvet texture at the front), frill edging and the velvet bows. With only five hooks you get the longline style without the difficulty of a lot of hooks to wrestle with. My only major disappointment on receiving the bra was realising that the straps are only partly adjustable. As you can see I ended up tightening them as far as they would go and this still wasn’t enough for me.

From the front the bra looked promising, but you can see from the side picture that the cups were far too small. The underwires sat on my breast tissue and there was some overspill, although this is not visible in the picture. As a result, the overall shape was minimised and not ideal. The back band was OK, tighter than your average 30 but not really comparable to a 28. I think I would have put up with it if the cups had been a better fit.

I’m much less of a fan of the styling of this one. I don’t particularly like the colour and the lace in the middle just looks weird to me. It does also come in a silver version, but this wasn’t available in the 30F I was looking for.

The fit issues here were the same, and I found the two bras to be pretty similar, so at least there is consistency in the range. My previous experiences with the Gorgeous range have also pointed towards the same fit, and I have needed to size up in the cup and sometimes the band. Once you find your size in this brand I think you could buy with confidence, and as there are so many pretty designs to choose from at such reasonable prices, this is a definite bonus. If it was in stock, I probably would have bought the 30FF in the black longline, as it is a really pretty bra.

I returned both of these bras in store, along with some other bras I ordered at the same time. I found the returns process to be a little odd, as I was told only some items could be returned at the till and others had to be returned ‘out the back’ and sent back to a warehouse. One of the items that was sent back to the warehouse I never received the refund for, but when I phoned customer services they were incredibly helpful and sorted this out for me with ease – I particularly appreciated this because I was no longer in the country and envisaged difficulties  resolving the problem! Overall, I definitely recommend ordering online from Debenhams. Whilst these bras weren’t available in a 28 back, many others are, including a large proportion of the Gorgeous range, and there are often discounts on the already low prices. International delivery is a little pricey at £7-£15, depending on where you are, but they deliver to over 40 countries and the regular discounts could easily make up for the postage cost.


One response to “Longline Lust

  1. I just found your blog, how nice to find yet another great lingerie blog! I love the look of these bras, especially the black one. I just got to have a bra with cute frills like those. 🙂

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