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Bravissimo Part 1: Rococo Charm Bra

on March 7, 2012

During my recent trip to the UK, I made a special effort to visit two Bravissimo stores while visiting friends. I love Bravissimo for offering a brilliant fitting service and a huge range of sizes that are usually only available on the internet, where they can’t be tried on, but I had some problems in both the stores I visited.

The first store I visited, in Reading, left me feeling very disappointed. The shop itself is large, with plenty of stock on display. I was one of only two customers in the store, but my presence was not acknowledged during the 10-15 minutes I spent browsing. Usually when I visit Bravissimo I am told at some point by the staff that not all the stock is on display and that I should ask if I can’t find my size. I was clearly checking for my size in each style I looked at, and had I not known the system from previous shopping experiences, I could easily have left disheartened. Instead, I approached the assistant and asked her to look in the stock room for my size in three different styles. She did this and came back empty-handed, telling me none of them were in stock. She then didn’t tell me that I could order my size for home delivery, as I usually am told. Maybe I’m picky, as I don’t usually expect this level of service in other stores, but I have had such great experiences with Bravissimo that I was a little disappointed.

At this point I tried on the only 28FF out on the shop floor: the Rococo Charm Bra by Bravissimo. I’ve been curious to try this style from Bravissimo for a while now. The super-high centre gore puts me off as I often have a problem with wires digging in if they come up particularly high in the centre, hence my love for plunge bras. This one didn’t feel too bad, but it is hard to say until you have worn it for a couple of hours. An immediate comfort issue I did notice, however, was that the straps were far too wide for my narrow shoulders and would undoubtedly rub. A plus point of the straps is that they continue on from the cup, instead of being tacked on like an afterthought, as is the case with far too many bras.

Fit-wise, I definitely needed to try a 28G, which wasn’t available. The cups were too small and gave me quad-boob and a shape I really didn’t like (shown best by the picture on the right). The wide wires mean it is quite flattening, and whilst the shape was very rounded, I didn’t feel it gave much uplift. This might be improved with the correct cup size. The band felt like a standard 28, so a little loose on my 26 inch underbust.

I’d be curious to try a padded version of this style, such as the Moulin Rose, as I felt like I wasn’t get enough support or shaping from the unpadded Rococo Charm. It is, however, a stunning bra and in an unusual colour. I’d definitely like to try it in a 28G to see if the fit issues I experienced are resolved.


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