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Mimi Holliday Nonnettes Bra

on April 15, 2012

This weekend I found a memory card full of review photos from December that I thought had gone to lingerie heaven. As far as I can find, there aren’t many Mimi Holliday reviews around, so I’m particularly keen to share this one with you.

Mimi Holliday is the diffusion line from the upmarket Damaris brand. The London-based brand was launched in 2004 and has been hugely popular ever since. Whilst Damaris pieces start from £150 and can cost more than £3,0000(!!!), Mimi Holliday is much more affordable, with knickers costing around £35 and bras around £50. The collections are youthful, colourful and fun, yet also sexy, and the brand is great for special occasion lingerie for those on a budget. Each design is made in several options, including shoulder bras, push-up bras, boyshorts, knickers and thongs. The size range is a respectable 28-40 AA-GG (although the largest cup sizes are not offered with the larger band sizes).

I love blue bras (and hence can’t wait for all the blue I’ve seen in AW12 collections from other brands!) so this one really caught my eye. The base fabric is a beautifully soft navy blue satin, which is overlaid with a lighter blue lace with some metallic strands running through it. The delicate straps, although they don’t look particularly supportive, really suit the style of the bra. Looks-wise, I can’t fault it!

Unfortunately, I wasn’t quite so pleased when it came to the fit. I’ve tried a few Mimi styles in the past, and have always found the bands to be quite loose and the cups to be a full size too small. I could only get hold of this in a 30 back, so it’s far too big in the band. I was a 28FF when I bought (and photographed) this, and in the 30FF the cups are still on the small side.

Apologies for the heinous red marks. These are the pictures they looked least bad in!

The cups on this bra are cut very low, and you might be able to spot one of my nipples attempting to make a break for freedom. This is described by Mimi Holliday as a ‘super plunge bra’, and whilst it doesn’t look like a plunge bra to me, the centre gore is quite low. This is handy if, like me, you have close-set breasts and find that balconette styles usually dig in.

The Damaris website talks about how women who can afford to splash out on Damaris for a special occasion use Mimi Holliday as their daywear, whereas women who can’t ‘stretch’ to Damaris use Mimi Holliday for their special lingerie. Personally, I wouldn’t use Mimi Holliday as daywear even if I could afford Damaris, and I wouldn’t recommend any D+ woman to. The bras are beautiful, there’s no denying that, but they are clearly not designed for the larger bust. The straps are practically non-existent and the bands fasten with a single hook. I have an unpadded Mimi Holliday bra and the delicate lace cups give me no support at all. If I did go out in lingerie like this, I’d be embarrassed by the amount of bouncing that would occur, and paranoid that I’d flash something I didn’t intend to! I like the amount of cleavage I get, but it feels very precarious. I also could have got more lift from the bra if the straps were more than part-adjustable, as I had them as tight as they would go and they still felt quite loose.

As much as I love the appearance of this bra, I didn’t end up keeping it. Whilst Mimi Holliday is significantly cheaper than Damaris, at about £90 for a set, it’s too expensive for something I’d never be able to wear outside the bedroom. I love the colourful, high quality lingerie that this brand produces, but I really wish they’d put a bit more thought into making it wearable for D+ chests. That said, I do think a large part of the problem is that I find even the 28 bands too big, but with a single hook fastening I don’t think a 34G would find much support from this either.


6 responses to “Mimi Holliday Nonnettes Bra

  1. Hannah Jean says:

    One hook for fastening? Wow, I’ve never seen that even on D- bras!

  2. Remember that cup size is proportional to band size. I need a 28DD/E or 30D/DD bra (depending on how it runs) and I have rather small breasts. I appreciate when bra designers make bras in my size that are not over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders. I DON’T need super thick straps or triple-hook fastening. Yet, I find bras in my size are often designed for larger busts because they are a part of lingerie lines/brands specializing in D+ sizes, and people assume D+ is “large”. When paired with a small band size, a D+ cup size is not necessarily large, and such women may prefer more delicate, slender bras with cup cuts & shapes that flatter their size, not heavy duty contraptions with too much coverage.

    • Laura says:

      I absolutely agree with you. At the other end of the scale, the same issue exists with Freya and the extra lining they put in their GG-J cups: a 30GG gets it, but a 32G doesn’t even though the cups are the same volume, so if the 32G can be supported without it then why does the 30GG need it? I think designers need to consider the actual size of the bras they are making and adjust them accordingly, but I guess this would be prohibitively expensive in most cases. In which case, I think designers should sell a smaller size range.
      Although I wear a bigger size than you, I am not particularly full-busted and I also find it frustrating when bras are unnecessarily heavy-duty. Part of what attracted me to this bra was the thin straps and slim back band, and I believe it would be possible to make a supportive bra that looked like this in my size. This, however, was not it. I think it is unreasonable for a brand with a fairly high price point to not make adjustments to their designs depending on size when they are selling such a large size range. It is a shame to see so much of what feels like ignorance about how sizing works from lingerie designers themselves.
      Have you had any experience with Ewa Michalak? It is refreshing to see, both from the models of varying sizes on the website and from the experience of customers, that the bras DO take into account the real size and subsequent needs of the customer.

  3. Shenice says:

    Just came across your page. Im loving it 🙂 Im a 28FF but find it hard to find good bras to fit at affordable prices. What are your favorite bras to buy? Brand and Style? 🙂

    • Laura says:

      Thank you! I’m sad I haven’t been able to post in a while, as my laptop is broken 😦
      I totally agree about finding good bras at affordable prices – it’s so difficult, and especially annoying as I got used to wearing a too-small size that was easily available and cheap on the high street. However, if you’re patient it’s still possible to find a bargain! Personally, I prefer plunge bras as my boobs are very close set and I find balconettes hurt me because of that. My favourite brands are Ewa Michalak and Masquerade, and I also love the mighty Freya Deco and the Curvy Kate Tempt Me, but don’t particularly get on with any of the rest of the bras those brands make.

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