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High-street dress shopping May ’12

on July 14, 2012

Back in May, not long after I moved back to England, I went shopping on the high street for some new dresses. I was looking forward to trying out the latest collections from some of my favourite brands that aren’t available in France, particularly Oasis as I have had some luck in the past with clothing from there that fits over my bust. I usually look for styles with a fitted top and flared skirt, as they suit my shape very well, and I found several dresses that fit the bill, plus one that didn’t but I liked it enough to try it anyway.

…Can you see a theme there?! I love blue, but didn’t quite realise what I’d picked up until I was in the changing room!
These are the stock images of the dresses I tried:

The first dress fit OK on my bust, but was far too big on the waist. On the right is how I wanted it to look!

The next dress was a better fit, although the lace panel came down quite low and would probably show my bra. The main issue was the lumpy seams around the waist. I also wasn’t a fan of the cheap-looking zip at the back.

The third dress was one I’d admired in several magazines and was a lovely purple/blue colour. Unfortunately, I don’t often get on well with shift dresses, and this one was particularly bad. It was too small on the bust, too big on the waist and too small on the hips all at the same time! Definitely not one for curves, which was a big disappointment.

The last dress almost fit on the bust, but was too big on the waist again and I didn’t feel it looked particularly flattering.

So no success with Oasis! Later on I went to H&M, where I had no hope of finding anything fitted that would work over the bust. For example, this turquoise maxi dress really caught my eye, but was so small on the bust I just had to take a photo. Does it look painful? Because it was!

And then, miraculously, I found this!

I don’t know what made me pick up this dress because I didn’t expect it to fit at all, but the shape from the side was exactly what I’d been looking for all day! And it was only £12.99!

What about you? Do you know any high-street shops that cater particularly well for your shape? Or do you find things that fit when you least expect it?


4 responses to “High-street dress shopping May ’12

  1. Ana says:

    The cut of that last dress is awesome! I tried one with another fabric (black with keys in white, pink and orange) it fitted perfectly but unfortunately I did not like the key pattern that much. Wish they did it in different fabrics & colors.

    • Laura says:

      Yeah it’s a shame – I wasn’t keen on this print either. Still, if they’ve made it with more than one pattern then fingers crossed they will make some nicer ones with the same cut in future!

      • Ana says:

        I hope so, as I do think they had a version of the dress in the winter collection as well, but it had sleeves and did not work as well for me. But knowing that they’ve used that cut multiple seasons gives me hope they’ll use it again 🙂

      • Ana says:

        Hi there, just letting you know that there is a new version of this H&M dress in the new collection it is in leopard print and has a zipper in the front instead of buttons. I thought it might interest you if you like that style of print 😉

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