Undressed to Impress

Gossard Vintage Rose Bra Review

on August 1, 2012

I don’t normally go for floral prints but, as I’ve mentioned before, I adore teal and buy far too much in this colour. This is why the Gossard Vintage Rose bra really caught my eye when it came out some time ago. I bought it from ASOS in a 30FF with matching brief in XS, and I believe it’s now available from Brastop for a very reasonable price.

I’ve had some bad experiences with Gossard plunge bras in the past, but this one was a reasonably good fit for me. It’s a bit bigger in the cup than many other Gossard bras I’ve tried, which proved to be a good thing as the cups are a tad shallow for me at the base and there is a small empty fold of fabric by the wire. This doesn’t cause overspill as there is enough room in the cup to compensate. I don’t get a huge amount of cleavage, which makes it good for day wear. I really like the design, and the combination of satin and lace is pretty and comfortable. I particularly like that the pattern continues onto the straps.

The back of this bra is one of the things that really sold me on it, although I know a lot of people don’t like this type of band in larger sizes as it can cut-in.

It’s a really unusual style (especially for a full-bust bra) so it would be great under a top or dress with a cut-out or sheer back. It also has the added advantage for me that it will be very easy to alter! I often like Gossard bras, but with the smallest back size being a 30 I really can’t wear them. Their bands run quite tight, which at least makes altering them down to fit like a 26/27 possible.

Unfortunately, another alteration I will have to make on this bra is shortening the straps. They are only part adjustable and aren’t short enough for me when they’re at their tighest position. I’m planning on posting a tutorial on this soon – it’s incredibly easy and definitely something you can do with extremely minimal sewing skills.

The shape from the side is ever so slightly pointy, but very nice overall. I don’t wear it under very clingy clothing, but then I’d rarely wear anything except a Deco in that situation.

The matching briefs are also very comfy – somewhat of a rarity for me! They give good coverage at the back, but the sheer panel keeps them from feeling too matronly. I also don’t find they ride up or dig in anywhere!
Overall, this has proved to be a very successful set for me, and I’d definitely recommend it to ladies who fall into the size range (which starts at a 30 back and goes up to a G cup, but I’m not sure of the exact range). It’s just a shame that I can’t recommend Gossard’s sizing system so highly or that they won’t display remotely well-fitted bras in any of their promotional pictures.



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