Undressed to Impress

Bravissimo/Pepperberry clothing

on August 10, 2012



I recently place an order in the Bravissimo/Pepperberry sale and thought I’d use the opportunity to try out some of the clothes. I’ve tried a couple of things in the past with little success as the size 8s were far too big on me, and the designs don’t usually appeal to me. There was nothing much that stood out for me in the sale, but I was curious to see if the fit had changed at all in the newer designs, so I tried a top, a dress and a nightdress (which I’ll be reviewing soon just after I receive my latest nightwear order!)
In their size chart my measurements are smaller than a size 8, but the closest I can get is the 8 Really Curvy. In stretchy styles I opted for an 8 Curvy/Really Curvy.
First up is the Petal Neck Jersey top (8C/RC):

(Apologies for the bad photo!) Tops with ruffles at the neckline are usually a no-no for fuller busts, but PB have been clever here and used chiffon to avoid bulk. Those princess seams are very bust-friendly too – this is a design some thought has gone into.


As you can see, the fit is good on the bust but loose in the rest of the body. It’s a stretchy top, but it didn’t need to be for me! For someone who it did fit, I think it would be a nice style. The jersey is nice and thick so wouldn’t show off lumps and bumps too badly.

Next up is the Chiffon Chevron dress. I’ve had my eye on this for a while, as the colour palette is just right for me and the reviews suggested it came up small. Down from £69 to £19.50 in the sale I thought it was time to give it a go!


I was pleased with the fit on this. The bust was just right and then it nipped in nicely on the waist. There was still a bit of wiggle room on me, but it was far better than usual and defined my figure pretty well.

I also really loved the little loops for you to put round your bra straps to stop them from poking out from the straps off the dress. Just a little touch, but so useful I’ve been thinking about sewing something similar on my strappy dresses! Also, just the thickness of the straps is a great feature as fuller-bust bras can often have much wider straps than their smaller counterparts.

Ultimately I did return this dress, but not because I didn’t like it or it didn’t fit. The length was not quite right on me, and I just couldn’t think when I’d wear it. The combination of a beachy summer feel with the chiffon fabric didn’t seem right for any occasion and I had no idea how to accessorise it. For someone with better fashion sense than me, I’m sure it would have got a lot of wear but I just know I never would have worn it.

I’m still not a massive fan of PB clothing, and for the usual prices I’d really have to love an item to buy it. However, I was pleased with the fit of the dress and I may be more inclined to try items in the future now I’ve seen one that has worked for me. The quality of these two items also seems good and the styles are flattering, so they’re definitely worth a browse for busty women.



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