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Urkye “Francuski” Review

The first of my Urkye purchases I’m going to review is the blue “Francuski” top, which thanks to Google translate I’ve learnt means “French”. Ordering from Poland means you get great clothes and learn things at the same time!

The sizing chart actually puts me in a 34oo/ooo but I usually wear a 34b/bb in BiuBiu so I decided to order the Urkye equivalent size of 34o/oo in all three items. The material of this top is a viscose/polyester blend that has less stretch than the cotton top I ordered. This means it feels smaller than the other items, and consequently the waist fits me well. As my waist measurement is 64cm and this is the smallest size listed on the sizing chart, I was a little worried the clothes would be too big. This actually fits better in the waist than any clothing I’ve tried from BiuBiu (or Pepperberry, but that goes without saying as they don’t even sell a size 6). The bust feels a little tight, but I think it still looks good and it’s definitely wearable in this size.

I wasn’t too sure about the puffy sleeves when I saw it on the website, but I actually like them in person. There’s not too much puff and it adds a little interest to an otherwise plain top.

Please excuse my lumpy-looking bra band – I’m trying out a Rixie Clip on an EM bra which is far too big in the back. Look out for a Rixie Clip review soon!
It’s quite a novelty to have a top fit my narrow shoulders so well – if Urkye come out with strappy tops next year I’ll definitely give them a try as I get really sick of straps slipping down. Oh and the cut of the neck means there’s no chance your bra straps will be on show here either.

There’s a note on the website advising that you don’t wear a light-coloured bra under this before you wash it as some dye may come out. I washed the top by hand and there was some dye loss – not excessive – but the website’s advice is probably worth following!

Overall, I’m really pleased with this top. The quality is good, the fit is good and it was only about £15!


Masquerade Delphi review

This review has been a really long time coming, mostly because this bra has been sat on my ‘can’t wear until I alter it’ pile. Since I managed to get round to it a couple of weeks ago I’ve been wearing it a lot and I’ve been surprised how comfortable I find it. I have this bra in a 30F and the matching knickers in a size 8 – post-alteration the bra is now a 26G. Without further ado, this is how it looks:


The cups are really a little too small, giving me an epic Marie Antoinette-style cleavage, but I get no cleavage in the next size up so this is the preferred option for me. I wear the same size in the Rhea, which seems to fit very similarly. As you may know, I usually stick exclusively to plunge bras as I have close set boobs and usually find the centre gore digs in if it’s more than an inch high. The Masquerade Delphi and Rhea are two exceptions for me as the centre gore and the wires themselves (I don’t mean the cups) are narrow, so they’re worth a look if you’re close-set too.

The cup width is, like all Panache bra, on the wide side. This is another reason I prefer a smaller cup size, as sizing up gave me even more width which I just don’t need. I put this bra on after several hours of wearing a CH Ewa Michalak bra and the difference in width really surprised me! The extra width here doesn’t really bother me as the wire is nowhere near high enough to poke under my arms.

The bra band lacks stretch, which is a common problem with Masquerade bras. It’s also narrow and fastens with two hooks, which means it can end up digging in by the end of the day – you might be able to see one of the red marks the band has given me in the picture above (I should mention that my skin marks VERY easily, so it’s not actually that bad). I sometimes find myself wearing this bra looser than I should be for good support as it’s more comfortable by the end of the day this way.  The straps share the same fabric, but they’re comfier due to them widening out on the shoulder. The extra width means it’s not a great bra for under a spaghetti strap top, but it’s great for the jumper weather we’re having here at the moment!

As I always find with Masquerade briefs they’re a little loose, and this combined with the skimpy cut across the bum results in them endlessly riding up – they’re not my everyday knickers of choice but I really love the look of the set together. To me, it’s a really pretty nude bra. Not the perfect one for a tight white t-shirt or anything too see-through, but it works well for me under looser/thicker pale clothing. I love that because I always find nude bras so ugly!

This Delphi is an old colourway which you can still find knocking around on the internet. For any fans, a new black and ivory version makes up part of the AW12 Masquerade collection – with a basque and high-waisted brief available too.



Urkye in brief

This is going to be a brief post, but it’s better than nothing given how long it’s been since my last post!
I made an order from Urkye – a reasonably new Polish company making clothes for big boobs – not too long ago and I was really pleased with the whole process. The range isn’t huge at the moment, but I love the designs for adding a youthful factor I feel is distinctly lacking in Pepperberry and sometimes lacking in BiuBiu, at very reasonable prices.

Taken from Urkye’s ‘About’ page:

“In our shop you can find tops, shirts and dressed designed with additional room for your boobs. Don’t worry – in our clothes you’ll forget how it was to see gaping buttons or pulling seams. In future we wish to add jackets, blazers and coats. We also want to add special range of maternity and nursing clothes. We think of your lower parts too – we want to add skirts created with your slim waist and curvy hips in mind.”

I can’t wait to see coats! So far the only full-busted options I’ve really seen are from Pepperberry, which I feel are too expensive and aren’t to my taste. From what I’ve seen from Urkye so far, I think whatever they come up with will be much more up my street! I’m also excited by their maternity and nursing clothing, not that I’ll be likely to need it any time soon, because I haven’t heard of any full-busted brand addressing this gap in the market.

Everything I ordered was a jersey style in a dual size of 34O/OO – comparable to a 34B/BB in BiuBiu or a 6C/RC (which doesn’t exist) in Pepperberry. As my waist measurement is right at the smallest end of the size chart, I was expecting the clothes to be a little loose there, but happily I found them to be slightly smaller than BiuBiu.

A brief note on the order process – it was extremely easy, felt secure and professional (which new websites often don’t) and I wasn’t presented with incomprehensible Polish at any point! For some reason my house number wasn’t saved when I entered my delivery details, and I quickly received an email early the next morning from the Urkye team asking if this was right. My parcel was then dispatched that same day and I received it in around a week, on the same day that I received a second-hand Ewa Michalak bra from Finland. My housemates were very intrigued by my mysterious European parcels!

The first item I ordered was this dress as I absolutely love the colour. It was on special offer at the time so I got it for a very good price too! Oh, and another thing I love about the Uryke site is all the products are shown on models of different sizes, so you can see how it works on several body shapes and sizes.


Secondly, I ordered this top in navy. Part of the reason I’d put off ordering from Urkye is because of the amount of all the puff sleeves, as I don’t think this is something that suits me or that I particularly like. I made an exception for this top because the puff doesn’t look too pronounced, I liked the style and colour, and the price is again very good.

Finally, I went for this top because I LOVE the back interest. (You’ll have to go and check out the Uryke website or wait for my review to see what I mean!)

Check back soon for reviews of all these and some links to other great reviews!

All images taken from the Urkye website.



Quick fixes for uncomfortable bras

I’ve been really busy lately, which has led to a growing pile of bras in my laundry basket. Since my bras never go near the washing machine, they inevitably get left longer than my other washing as they wait for a day I can be bothered to do hand washing. OK, being busy isn’t really an excuse. It’s ridiculously easy to do. But still, on to the point…

I confess, I have a bunch of bras I rarely wear. They’re beautiful, they fit well and I wouldn’t dream of parting with them, but they’re just not that comfortable. I know if I persevered and ‘wore them in’ they’d get a lot better, but the thought of wearing one all day at work is not a pleasing one, and I’m more likely to just put my pajamas on than change into a different bra in the evening! But as my laundry pile grows, I have no choice but to wear these bras (or do the laundry).

So I wanted to share with you a couple of quick ways you can make your bra more comfortable if you’re having problems. By this, I mean problems caused by wires poking or straps rubbing, NOT problems caused by your bra being the wrong size. If that’s the case, you need to be wearing the right size bra or sewing the bra you’ve got so it fits you better. I’ll hopefully be covering how to do that in the not too distant future.

  • For poking wires, you can try bending them. Only do this if you’re sure you’re keeping the bra. You can do this against a table edge, or while the bra is on your body. If the centre gore is digging in, take hold of the gore at the top and the bottom and bend the wires at the top away from your body. Make sure you’re holding onto the bottom or that part will start digging in to your body while you do this.
  • If the wires are digging in under your arm, try the same thing there.
  • If the wires are painful around your body, and the band size is correct, it may be that the wires are not shaped to fit your body. If you lay the bra flat on the table, you will see if the wires are completely horizontal and lay flat, or if they are curved and won’t lie flat on the table. Most often, it’s the former. Now take a look at your body. Are you flat? No, didn’t think so. Starting on one side, gently bend a small part of the wire at a time until you are left with a more curved shape. Try it on and see how this feels compared to the other side. When you’re happy with the shape, repeat on the other side.
  • The even quicker fix for this is a cotton wool pad. Just slip it under the point where they wires are digging. The pressure will keep the pad in place and hopefully provide you with a little more comfort. You can really use anything soft and cushioned to do this, but I recommend a cotton pad as many people have these lying around, you won’t mind throwing it away at the end of the day if it’s sweaty, you can easily change it, and they’re soft and shouldn’t irritate your skin.
  • For straps that are too wide and hence rub, you can also try the cotton pad trick.
  • Racer-back converter clips can also help here. These don’t tend to be any good on wide bra straps, as they just ping off, but if you can find a clip that’s large enough to contain the width of the strap, it can help. This will bring your straps closer to your neck as they are pulled in at the back, so can eliminate the rubbing against your arms. Remember to lengthen the straps to make sure they don’t dig in on your shoulders once you’ve put the clip on. You might also be able to manage this with a couple of heavy-duty safety pins, but if you try this please do it before you put the bra on to avoid stabbing yourself. Make sure you fasten them on the outside so if they do ping off they won’t stab you.
  • Hand washing your bra a few times will often help soften the straps so they don’t dig in as much.

On the same thread as the last idea, a good way to soften up a bra quickly is to put it in the washing machine. I wouldn’t recommend doing this regularly as it will shorten the life of your bra. Just once on a cool, delicate wash can really help to soften up the materials so it’s easier to wear.

These are all things I’ve tried with uncomfortable bras that have given me some relief. If you have any more tips and tricks, do share them in the comments!