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Urkye in brief

on October 24, 2012

This is going to be a brief post, but it’s better than nothing given how long it’s been since my last post!
I made an order from Urkye – a reasonably new Polish company making clothes for big boobs – not too long ago and I was really pleased with the whole process. The range isn’t huge at the moment, but I love the designs for adding a youthful factor I feel is distinctly lacking in Pepperberry and sometimes lacking in BiuBiu, at very reasonable prices.

Taken from Urkye’s ‘About’ page:

“In our shop you can find tops, shirts and dressed designed with additional room for your boobs. Don’t worry – in our clothes you’ll forget how it was to see gaping buttons or pulling seams. In future we wish to add jackets, blazers and coats. We also want to add special range of maternity and nursing clothes. We think of your lower parts too – we want to add skirts created with your slim waist and curvy hips in mind.”

I can’t wait to see coats! So far the only full-busted options I’ve really seen are from Pepperberry, which I feel are too expensive and aren’t to my taste. From what I’ve seen from Urkye so far, I think whatever they come up with will be much more up my street! I’m also excited by their maternity and nursing clothing, not that I’ll be likely to need it any time soon, because I haven’t heard of any full-busted brand addressing this gap in the market.

Everything I ordered was a jersey style in a dual size of 34O/OO – comparable to a 34B/BB in BiuBiu or a 6C/RC (which doesn’t exist) in Pepperberry. As my waist measurement is right at the smallest end of the size chart, I was expecting the clothes to be a little loose there, but happily I found them to be slightly smaller than BiuBiu.

A brief note on the order process – it was extremely easy, felt secure and professional (which new websites often don’t) and I wasn’t presented with incomprehensible Polish at any point! For some reason my house number wasn’t saved when I entered my delivery details, and I quickly received an email early the next morning from the Urkye team asking if this was right. My parcel was then dispatched that same day and I received it in around a week, on the same day that I received a second-hand Ewa Michalak bra from Finland. My housemates were very intrigued by my mysterious European parcels!

The first item I ordered was this dress as I absolutely love the colour. It was on special offer at the time so I got it for a very good price too! Oh, and another thing I love about the Uryke site is all the products are shown on models of different sizes, so you can see how it works on several body shapes and sizes.


Secondly, I ordered this top in navy. Part of the reason I’d put off ordering from Urkye is because of the amount of all the puff sleeves, as I don’t think this is something that suits me or that I particularly like. I made an exception for this top because the puff doesn’t look too pronounced, I liked the style and colour, and the price is again very good.

Finally, I went for this top because I LOVE the back interest. (You’ll have to go and check out the Uryke website or wait for my review to see what I mean!)

Check back soon for reviews of all these and some links to other great reviews!

All images taken from the Urkye website.



2 responses to “Urkye in brief

  1. astrid says:

    I got that same last top in red. Loving it!

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