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Masquerade Delphi review

on October 25, 2012

This review has been a really long time coming, mostly because this bra has been sat on my ‘can’t wear until I alter it’ pile. Since I managed to get round to it a couple of weeks ago I’ve been wearing it a lot and I’ve been surprised how comfortable I find it. I have this bra in a 30F and the matching knickers in a size 8 – post-alteration the bra is now a 26G. Without further ado, this is how it looks:


The cups are really a little too small, giving me an epic Marie Antoinette-style cleavage, but I get no cleavage in the next size up so this is the preferred option for me. I wear the same size in the Rhea, which seems to fit very similarly. As you may know, I usually stick exclusively to plunge bras as I have close set boobs and usually find the centre gore digs in if it’s more than an inch high. The Masquerade Delphi and Rhea are two exceptions for me as the centre gore and the wires themselves (I don’t mean the cups) are narrow, so they’re worth a look if you’re close-set too.

The cup width is, like all Panache bra, on the wide side. This is another reason I prefer a smaller cup size, as sizing up gave me even more width which I just don’t need. I put this bra on after several hours of wearing a CH Ewa Michalak bra and the difference in width really surprised me! The extra width here doesn’t really bother me as the wire is nowhere near high enough to poke under my arms.

The bra band lacks stretch, which is a common problem with Masquerade bras. It’s also narrow and fastens with two hooks, which means it can end up digging in by the end of the day – you might be able to see one of the red marks the band has given me in the picture above (I should mention that my skin marks VERY easily, so it’s not actually that bad). I sometimes find myself wearing this bra looser than I should be for good support as it’s more comfortable by the end of the day this way.  The straps share the same fabric, but they’re comfier due to them widening out on the shoulder. The extra width means it’s not a great bra for under a spaghetti strap top, but it’s great for the jumper weather we’re having here at the moment!

As I always find with Masquerade briefs they’re a little loose, and this combined with the skimpy cut across the bum results in them endlessly riding up – they’re not my everyday knickers of choice but I really love the look of the set together. To me, it’s a really pretty nude bra. Not the perfect one for a tight white t-shirt or anything too see-through, but it works well for me under looser/thicker pale clothing. I love that because I always find nude bras so ugly!

This Delphi is an old colourway which you can still find knocking around on the internet. For any fans, a new black and ivory version makes up part of the AW12 Masquerade collection – with a basque and high-waisted brief available too.



3 responses to “Masquerade Delphi review

  1. Ana says:

    I actually like that Masquerade bras don’t stretch much, I find they last a lot longer than stretchy ones like Curvy Kate for example.

  2. Panache bras are fantastic. As you stated though, the cups do tend to run a little wide. I do think they are such great quality though, and this set is absolutely stunning. I’m not really the biggest fan of nude bras either, but they are a necessity really and this is a beautiful piece for any woman that needs some beige in her collection. Thanks for the heads up. Oh by the way, what kind of “alterations” did you do to the bra?

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