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Urkye “Francuski” Review

on October 28, 2012

The first of my Urkye purchases I’m going to review is the blue “Francuski” top, which thanks to Google translate I’ve learnt means “French”. Ordering from Poland means you get great clothes and learn things at the same time!

The sizing chart actually puts me in a 34oo/ooo but I usually wear a 34b/bb in BiuBiu so I decided to order the Urkye equivalent size of 34o/oo in all three items. The material of this top is a viscose/polyester blend that has less stretch than the cotton top I ordered. This means it feels smaller than the other items, and consequently the waist fits me well. As my waist measurement is 64cm and this is the smallest size listed on the sizing chart, I was a little worried the clothes would be too big. This actually fits better in the waist than any clothing I’ve tried from BiuBiu (or Pepperberry, but that goes without saying as they don’t even sell a size 6). The bust feels a little tight, but I think it still looks good and it’s definitely wearable in this size.

I wasn’t too sure about the puffy sleeves when I saw it on the website, but I actually like them in person. There’s not too much puff and it adds a little interest to an otherwise plain top.

Please excuse my lumpy-looking bra band – I’m trying out a Rixie Clip on an EM bra which is far too big in the back. Look out for a Rixie Clip review soon!
It’s quite a novelty to have a top fit my narrow shoulders so well – if Urkye come out with strappy tops next year I’ll definitely give them a try as I get really sick of straps slipping down. Oh and the cut of the neck means there’s no chance your bra straps will be on show here either.

There’s a note on the website advising that you don’t wear a light-coloured bra under this before you wash it as some dye may come out. I washed the top by hand and there was some dye loss – not excessive – but the website’s advice is probably worth following!

Overall, I’m really pleased with this top. The quality is good, the fit is good and it was only about £15!


6 responses to “Urkye “Francuski” Review

  1. bybabysrules says:

    How wide would you say your shoulders are? I have issues getting regular shirts to fit in the bust without being wide at the shoulder seam. Same with bra strap placement.

  2. Laura says:

    Measuring from the middle of one to the other (if that makes sense), about 11.5 inches. Does that help?

  3. urkye says:

    Hi! We’re happy that you like Francuzka 🙂 And we hope that our new styles will be interesting for you 🙂

  4. urkye says:

    Oh, I’ve forgotten to write – fit looks perfect! 🙂

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