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Urkye Skołowana Morska dress review

on November 4, 2012

I’ve been lusting after this dress from Urkye ever since it first popped up on the blog. I loved the bright blue colour, the circle skirt and that black waistband which makes all the models’ waists look tiny. The day I came to place my Urkye order I was lucky enough to find a special offer on the dress in the very colour I wanted, but even at full price it’s only around £30 and worth every penny.

I really struggled getting full-length pictures so I’ve had to include this picture from the Urkye website to demonstrate what I’m doing most of the time while wearing this dress:

Seriously, I have to do this at least once an hour. I just can’t help it! The jersey has a great weight to it, which make it just perfect for twirling 🙂
The fabric is like a stretchy t-shirt, so it’s seriously comfortable. I’m really layering it up at the moment so I can wear it out in the chilly autumnal weather we’re having, but I can’t wait until summer when I can wear it out just as it is. It still looks smart, despite being so comfortable, so I think it’ll be a great option for easy summer dressing. The neckline is just the right height so you’re not showing off too much cleavage.

The colour is exactly what I wanted and works really well with my colouring. I think it has a bit more depth to it than it does in some of the photos, which is just what I’d hoped for. The black panel does as I expected and really slims your waist.

I ordered a 34o/oo and the fit was great across my chest. It’s a bit loose on my waist, but I expected this as the dress description warns that the waist is slightly bigger than the size chart. It’s great that information like this is included in the description as it means there are no nasty surprises and you’re more likely to get clothes that work for you first time. I plan to take the waist in a little at the side seams for a perfect fit, but until I get round to that I’m happy wearing it like this.

I’ve washed the dress a couple of times now and it’s still looking as good as new – no dye leakage or stretching – so I’m pleased with the quality.

Overall, I wholeheartedly recommend this dress, especially if you’re looking for a dress with a young feel or need something comfy but gorgeous at the same time!



4 responses to “Urkye Skołowana Morska dress review

  1. spacelib says:

    I’m impressed with how this dress fits you. I have problems with it, I’m just not tall enough/have a long enough torso so I end up showing too much cleavage and some bra. I love it though (and was too late to return it) so hope a tailor can alter it slightly to fix the problem

  2. Chloe says:

    This looks amazing on you! I can tell the waist is just a wee bit big, but it still looks terrific. I’m tempted to get one myself now (but maybe a size down, since that’s an option for my waist size)!

    • Laura says:

      Thanks! It makes me happy to wear it, I’d definitely recommend it! My waist is actually 4cm smaller than the size chart so that may have something to do with it being too big for me. Mine measures 65cm unstretched, but then the fabric has a lot of stretch to it as well. Hope that’s of some use if you decide to get one!

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