Undressed to Impress

2013 Blog-olutions

on January 22, 2013

2013 has got off to an extremely busy start for me, so I’m way behind on my blogging! Because of that, I think I’m a bit too late to post my 2012 favourites, and as lots of bloggers did this anyway I don’t think many of you will miss it! However, I do still want to share my 2013 resolutions with you, as I’d like to make some goals for this blog and tell you a bit about my plans for the year.

The main thing I’d like to change is to post about topics other than lingerie. You probably don’t know it, but I’m an avid crafter and I spend much of my spare time sewing, knitting, making jewellery, folding origami and doing various other crafty things. I’d like to start sharing some of that on my blog and I hope at some point in the year there might be some crafting/lingerie crossover to share with you. The focus will remain on lingerie, but even with my obsession I don’t always feel like talking about bras and that’s why there’s often a long gap in between my posts. I’m hoping this way I’ll feel more freedom to post about whatever I’m inspired by that day and therefore post more often. Posting more often is really another resolution, so perhaps I can kill two birds with one stone. Without any of the killing or stone throwing, of course.

A big goal of mine is to downsize my lingerie collection. This is going to be hard one, but in 2012 I feel like I’ve been bought too much lingerie because I like it, rather than because I need it or think I’ll wear it. This was partly to do with returning from a bra desert (Paris) in May 2012, but months down the line I really have no excuse! I have numerous bras that sit in my drawer that I never wear, and I buy a lot of bras ‘to review’ but never get round to wearing them (or reviewing them, in many cases). I’m going to be listing lots on Bratabase and giving some old bras away to charity and I’m hoping by sharing this with you I’ll feel guilty about keeping any that make the ‘naughty list’.

Back on the crafting topic, I plan to alter more bras. I always have a fair few sitting in my ‘to be altered’ pile. Whilst I compromise on fit on an alarmingly regular basis (there’s just too many beautiful bras out there that don’t come in/are hard to find in a 28 back!) I cannot wear a bra that noticeably rides up during the day – and it’s these that sit on the pile. Gathering dust. In February I’m aiming to clear this pile, and in future not leave a bra sitting there for more than a month. I’d like to share some of my techniques with you at some point and I hope they’ll be a useful resource for some of you.

This list will almost certainly be added to throughout the year, but I’d like to aim for these as a starting point. I hope by sharing them with you I’ll be motivated to stick to them!


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