Undressed to Impress

Curvy Kate Paradise Review

on March 8, 2013

I was very excited last year when Curvy Kate launched their first swimwear collection. I don’t think I ever got around to posting my review on here, but I tried all the styles and found some major fit discrepancies between them. This year I was hoping for more consistency in sizing and I was also intrigued to try the new styles. This is the first one I’ve tried, but I’m hoping to post reviews of the whole collection and my reviews of last year’s collection for comparison.

I can’t remember ever owning a moulded cup bikini, so I was really interested to try the Paradise set. As you may know, I wear padded and moulded bras almost exclusively and there really aren’t many options in the 28-back swimwear market that fall into these categories. I’d never tried a moulded cup from Curvy Kate, so I took a guess at my ‘usual’ size of 28G and ordered the matching shorts in a size 8.

In last year’s collection, I found the Rio Ruffles bikini to be a nice firm fit in the band. This one is similar, and it felt comfortable on my 26″ underbust. The other similarity was in the strap length – I found them to be very long. I have to wear the Rio Ruffles straps as tight as they’ll go, and I didn’t need to tighten these quite so much so it was a slight improvement, but something to watch out for if you’re petite. If you need longer straps, these are great as they’re fully adjustable.

The cups felt like the right ‘volume’ but I had a few fit issues. Curvy Kate wires are too wide for me and the cups a little on the shallow side, and as a result I got a slight ‘orange in a glass’ look on one side. It wasn’t as bad as I was expecting though, and I would feel comfortable wearing the top out in public.


The feeling of wearing a moulded cup bikini was quite odd – it definitely felt like I was wearing a bra! The top certainly doesn’t look that way though so I think it’s a feeling I’d get used to, and the bra feeling meant the top felt supportive.

The matching bikini bottoms fit me well in a size 8, and they’re slightly higher rise than last season’s swimwear. I do like low cut swimwear but I feel very on show when I wear my tie-side Rio Ruffle briefs. Of course this is a different style, so it remains to be seen whether the tie-side briefs have been improved in this collection.

Overall, I’m impressed with this set and I’d recommend it to moulded cup lovers out there, especially if you have a fairly wide-set shape. Ultimately I decided to return the set, but because the colour doesn’t really suit me rather than due to fit issues.


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