Undressed to Impress

Hello strangers! (and a review)

on July 22, 2013

Hello…it’s been a while! I’ve had a much longer break from blogging than I ever intended for a multitude of reasons. I’ll summarise by saying that life has got in the way lately – in positive and negative ways. In any case, I’m back with a review for you now and I’m hoping it will be the first of many of the coming months. I’ve been trying lots of bras in the last few months so we’ve got a lot of catching up to do!

The bra I’m going to review is the Freya Patsy. I have a big thing for turquoise, and when I first saw this bra I fell in love. Sadly Freya and I don’t get along well, but my love was too strong and I decided to try it anyway.

I tried two styles of the bra – the unpadded balcony (my boyfriend’s choice as he liked the see-through fabric) and the padded half cup (my preference as I don’t really go for unpadded bra). I tried the balcony in a 28FF and a 28G and the half cup in 30F (as it unfortunately doesn’t come in a 28 band). Starting with the balcony, I often find I end up between sizes in Freya, and this bra was no exception. The 28G gaped at the top of the cups, where I have less fullness, and the 28FF caused me a bit of quadboob.


It’s really a bra that needs to fit you perfectly – the sheer fabric leaves no room for error. Part of the wrinkling in the picture above was caused by me holding a camera to take these pictures, but other wrinkling made it obvious the bra wasn’t the right shape for me. I’d have been tempted to persevere (as I love the colour so much) but the side profile was truly horrendous on me.
This is probably the least awful picture I got of it, but the bra gave me a ski slope style profile – flattening on the top into a point. It’s a look I truly hate and it’s why I tend to avoid Freya bras as I get this look in a lot of them. As I often find with Freya, the band on this bra was not particularly tight and I had to wear it on the middle set of hooks.

I don’t have any pictures of the half cup on me, but a quick summary of the style is that it didn’t. I knew the band would be really loose on me, but there’s absolutely no way I could have worn it without some serious alterations. Unfortunately the cups were also too small, causing me to spill over the top. I think a size up may well have worked in the cup, but with the band so loose it wasn’t worth trying. I’m very disappointed that this bra wasn’t made in the longline style (as another colourway was) and that the halfcup doesn’t come in a 28 band.

Alas, this was not a bra for me. It’s not the most up to date of colours now, but you can still find it lurking around the interweb at reduced prices. If you’re someone who fits nicely into Freya this is definitely one to try! It’s unusually sexy with the sheer fabric, but also a great bright colour for cheering you up. Top marks for looks, not so top for fit!

Interestingly, I have recently discovered a Freya shape that works quite a bit better for me. One to show you another time!


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