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Mimi Holliday Bisou Bisou Review

on November 13, 2013

I’ve long admired Mimi Holliday’s beautiful lacy bras, and tried a few in the past but never settled into a long-term relationship with any. But an idle browse of the Damaris website a couple of months ago revealed a bra so perfect for me that it looked like I’d designed it: the Bisou Bisou Azure maxi bra. It’s teal. With eyelash lace. Need I say more?

But then disaster struck. It was OUT OF STOCK IN MY SIZE.

I started pining for this bra. I emailed to ask if more stock would come in, and received a vague “we’ll email you if it does, but we’re also bringing out this pink version that might work for you instead you’ll totally hate” response that did little to allay my fears that this beautiful bra had slipped out of my reach. I spent so long looking at the lone 28GG in stock that I began to wonder if I should buy it and try and alter the cup down. A silly idea, I’m sure you’ll agree. BUT I WANTED IT THAT BADLY.

And then, my calls were answered! I clicked onto the website in bra-stalker mode and found a sole 28G in stock. I bought it as fast as I could and bobbed about in excitement for the next few days until it arrived.



And it was every bit as beautiful as I’d hoped. They were actually out of stock in my size in the matching briefs, but I spotted them on Figleaves with a lovely 20% off, and within a few days I had the most gorgeous matching set I’ve ever owned.

CIMG9912OK, so now I’ve got some of that bra delirium out of my system, onto the actual fit. The band is nice and firm, and fit me comfortably on the second set of hooks (of 4). The band is quite wide, and has only two hooks but within an area that could really fit three. I don’t have any particular preference for two or three hooks so this suits me just fine, and the width of the band has me feeling comfortably supported. The cups fit me like a glove, but they feel so delicate I am extra careful when scooping myself into it. They give a shape similar to my natural shape, but slightly uplifted. With cups so delicate I wouldn’t expect any more heavy lifting, and I’m pleased that Mimi Holliday have reached a happy compromise between aesthetics (quite frankly, an additional lining would have ruined it for me) and support. I find this maxi bra style a darn sight more supportive than anything else this brand produces, and it definitely feels like fuller bust engineering has gone into it.

CIMG9910The matching briefs are another delight. I went for the classic brief style, which remains consistent in size across collections and I knew an XS would fit me well. The lacy back is really stunning as well as being flattering, and I love how it keeps the set interesting even from behind. The little peephole edged with the teal silk is a perfect finishing touch – and oddly popular with my boyfriend!

So there you have it, my new lingerie love affair. Excuse me whilst I go and take my clothes off so I can admire it again.




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