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Curvy Kate Lola Babydoll review

on November 15, 2013

I’ve been excited for around a year waiting for the Autumn/Winter ’13 lingerie ranges to launch – most notably because a couple of brands (Cleo and Curvy Kate) have launched styles that have rarely been seen in the mainstream small back, large cup market: babydolls. I’ve never owned a babydoll, but have often lusted after ones that simply don’t come anywhere near my size. Last year I tried out the Parfait Honey babydoll but at the time the brand did not offer any 28 backs, and I unfortunately found the back and body far too large. This season is the first time I’ve had the opportunity to try a babydoll in a 28 back, and I purchased the Curvy Kate Lola from Figleaves the moment I saw it pop up online.

Curvy Kate isn’t a brand that generally works well for my shape. I often find the cups too shallow, the wires too wide, the bands too loose and the straps set too far apart (i.e. the bras are usually a complete disaster on me). However, I really fell in love with the styling of the Lola babydoll and I was keen to give it a go regardless. I really want to support a brand that’s helping lead innovation in the fuller bust market, and so I was willing to accept some fit problems in order to do this.


Firstly, I think the babydoll is a great price – £39 vs. the usual £30 I’d expect to pay for a bra. It feels affordable and within the reach of most women. For the price, the materials used felt quite luxurious. The mesh body is soft and smooth, and the satin edging helps weigh it down nicely and adds a luxurious finish. As with most padded Curvy Kate bras I’ve tried, the inner material feels cotton-rich and soft and comfortable against my skin.

I was happy with how the babydoll fit in the body. It’s an A-line shape which I didn’t expect to be hugely flattering, but it will accommodate pretty much any body shape and provides plenty of room in the hips. I was surprised at how well I felt the shape worked on me. The mesh was just the right level of transparency to hide lumps and bumps but show off my body shape, and I felt very comfortable in it. It is worth noting that it could be tricky to get into if you’re blessed with ample hips, as there is only a small cut-out in the fabric to help with putting it on.


As you can see in the picture below, I did have to close the babydoll on the tightest hooks as the band was very stretchy. This is a common complaint with padded Curvy Kate bras, and it’s a shame to see this hasn’t been addressed. However, the stretchy material of the band is very comfortable, and as it’s a ‘bedroom’ item I was willing to accept the looseness.


I was quite disappointed with the fit in the cups. I found them quite large, and ended up sizing down to a 28FF. The FF was a tad small in the cup, but gave me more cleavage than the G (which had definite spare space), so I figured it was more appropriate for the intended use. I could really use a FFF though!

More of an issue than the size was the unfortunate shape the cups created on me. I’m not sure whether this is due to incompatibility with my shape, but the look was somewhat pointy. This isn’t a shape I particularly like (although some women do), so I’m hoping the cups will soften up a bit with wear.


I didn’t choose to try the matching briefs (rare for me) as the length of the babydoll would mean they’re obscured, so I felt a plain black pair would do the job just as well.

I don’t think the pointy shape will stop me from wearing this babydoll, and I’m still really pleased with what Curvy Kate have produced – and this is coming from someone whose shape doesn’t match the brand’s at all! If you’re someone Curvy Kate works for, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it. The fit of the babydoll has been matched to the Daily Boost, so if you’ve tried this bra you can buy with added confidence. As ever, I’m hugely impressed that Curvy Kate have offered the babydoll in their huge, inclusive size range of 28-40 D-K.

Next season, the Lola will come in a lovely ivory/gold colourway that would be just perfect for brides-to-be.


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