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Quick review: Ewa Michalak S Szafirek

I love blue bras, so when I saw the Szafirek pop up on Ewa Michalak’s site I ordered almost straight away. As an added bonus, the bra had 20zl off for two days only!

I ordered a 65FF with the matching briefs in size 36 (UK 8). I received the set in about a week – the fastest I’ve ever had an EM order delivered, as nothing had to be made to order.

The bra didn’t quite look how I expected it to – I think I was expecting a slightly lighter blue. However, I’m still really happy with the overall look. The fabric is navy blue lace over a beige background, which matches my skin tone rather well. This gives it a slightly sheer appearance in real life (the photo below doesn’t represent this well) despite it being a padded bra. The knickers don’t have the beige backing behind the lace panels, so if your skin tone is significantly different from the bra backing this is worth taking into account. Personally I would have preferred the beige backing on the knickers too, simply for consistency. The knickers are made of a silky polyester fabric which is also found on the wings of the bra.


Fit wise, the 65FF was OK. I’d have preferred a slightly tighter band, but I expected this and I like to avoid special orders wherever possible so it’s not too much of a concern. In my experience with the S style (albeit I’ve only tried 3) the bands have always been slightly looser than the older PL styles I have. Cup wise, the FF was pretty spot on with the removable padding in place. My boobs have shrunk a tiny bit in recent times, which has led me to wonder if I could get away with a 65F without the padding. I love the 3D styles from Ewa and these sometimes go up to an F, so I’d love to try and squeeze in one! The knickers were a good fit on me in my usual size.

I wore the set all day today and found it very comfortable straight out of the box. This surprised me, as I always expect some discomfort from non-plunge bras due to my close set shape. However, the gore is very narrow on this bra so it’s a good choice for others with this shape. Other things to note about the shape are the cups. For those used to the rounded shape of Ewa bras, the S gives a slightly different silhouette. The website describes this as a “rounded shape with a subtly marked peak”, which I think is very accurate. Unfortunately I didn’t snap a picture to show this. Personally I prefer the perfectly round shape I get in the PLs, but this isn’t different enough for me to be particularly bothered.

Overall I’m a big fan of this bra and looking forward to the other new bras to come from Ewa for Spring!

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Curvy Kate “Wild” and “Tempt Me” Review

The Curvy Kate Tempt Me was one of the first bras I bought when I started wearing the right size, and it’s had a place in my drawer ever since. It’s a big oversight on my part that I’ve never actually reviewed it! I thought I’d combine this with a review of the Wild, which is a leopard print bra new to CK this season and it has the same cut as Tempt Me.

Over the years, I’ve owned every colour of the Tempt Me except the pink one, which is only because I hate pink! I’ve never worn it in my “usual” size, but have found the size of the cups to vary slightly between colours, so I have it in both a 28GG and a 28H – one and two cups up from the 28G I wear in most brands, including unpadded Curvy Kate bras. Other ladies have reported having to size up as many as 3 cups to get a good fit. As with all Showgirl styles, the bands are very stretchy and I find the 28s too loose for me so I usually alter them down. My current collection that fits is the blue in 28GG, the coral and gold in 28H, and the Wild in 28GG.

I have to say, none of these bras are particularly compatible with my shape. The cups are too wide and shallow for me, which gives a very minimised shape from the side, but good cleavage and more of an hourglass look from the front. This is partly the reason I need to size up, as if I wear one of my older styles in a smaller size it appears to fit at first, but I ‘pop out’ quite quickly. In the larger sizes I often get a tiny fold at the base of the cup, as it’s not as deep as I need there, and extra fabric on the side where my breast tissue doesn’t extend that far back. The straps are too wide for my shape as well, and dig in after the first few wears. They also seem to get a lot wider as you go up the cup sizes, which is disappointing as they can look a bit ugly.


But the reason I love these bras is because they’re oh so comfortable. After the first few wears the straps soften up and don’t cause me any problems, and they’re quite stretchy so they don’t dig in. They’re also fully adjustable, which is brilliant for me as I usually have to shorten straps quite considerably. The centre gore is really low so I never get any problems with wires digging in like I do on a balconette or some not-so-plunging plunges. The band is really stretchy, as I mentioned earlier, which combined with its width makes it really comfortable and flattering – these bras aren’t going to cause any back bulges. Bras I Hate & Love finds the Showgirl bands so comfortable that she sleeps in them!
The cups are lined with a cottony material that feels very soft against your skin and is great in summer months when a mesh bra can make you sweaty and uncomfortable. The thin padding is also great for keeping your boobs warm in winter (you may laugh, until that moment when your nipples make an unwelcome appearance through your t-shirt when it gets chilly!)

To match the Tempt Me bras you have a choice of shorts with detachable suspender straps, a thong or a high-waisted brief. They all come up a bit smaller than non-Showgirl CK knickers – I prefer to wear a 10 in the shorts whereas I wear an 8 in the matching knickers for non-padded CK styles. This was also true of the Wild briefs. I do like the shorts, but I find they sit at an odd place on me and the waistband is quite firm elastic, so it tends to dig in when they fit perfectly everywhere else. They’re slightly too high for my liking – I think making them a little lower would solve my fit problem, and would also enable me to wear them under the low-cut jeans I favour. The detachable suspender straps are a nice touch and they have a sexy sheer back. These touches make the set ideal for the bedroom as well as everyday wear. This bra is really a chameleon, and whilst the fit is admittedly tricky, it’s definitely worth persevering to find the Tempt Me for you!

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Masquerade Persia Review

The Masquerade Persia first appeared on the scenes last season, and I barely paid it any attention. It seemed to somewhat divide opinion, with some loving the unusual design and others, like myself, seeing fussy embroidery in the same colour as my secondary school sweatshirt. Come to think of it, the sweatshirt thing is probably what put me off…it was REALLY nasty and I had to wear it for 4 years. Anyway, out in the lingerie blogging world Miss Underpinnings was a big fan and Invest in Your Chest liked it too, but had some fit issues. So when I saw it in blue for AW12, I paid it a little more attention.

I’m a total sucker for a blue bra, and this colour just suddenly made me start thinking ‘expensive’ rather than ‘fussy’. Unfortunately, it lives up to that description quite well – at £40 for the bra alone it’s a bit too far from payday for me to afford. To try it out for size, I ordered a bargain one in last season’s colour from Amazon with the intention of returning it. Not something I’d ever do with a small retailer or a brand I cared about, but with someone as huge as Amazon I think it’s OK. It’s not often in the full-busted lingerie world that I can try something out for real and pay no postage and no return fee! Oh and should Amazon wish for my real custom, they need to start carrying Masquerade in a 28 back…but I digress. I ordered the set in a 30FF with matching size 8 brief.

The fit wasn’t right on me at all. Obviously I wasn’t expecting a 30 to fit me, but I can attempt to comment on it compared to other 30s I’ve tried recently. I thought it  probably fit about true to size or maybe half a size small (i.e. like a 29″ back). It was looser than the Masquerade Harem but tighter than the Amira (two sets I’ll be reviewing soon). Both Invest in Your Chest and Miss Underpinnings found the band to be tight in a 28, so it may be worth sizing up if you’re on the larger end of your band size or prefer a slightly looser fit.

The cups weren’t right at all on me. It’s fuller in the cup than the bras I prefer to wear regularly, as styles like this always cause me fit issues at the top – usually resulting in ski-slope look in the above right photo. Whilst not particularly wide, I found the centre gore to be painful, and the straps did not adjust short enough for me as they are only partly adjustable. Oh and you may have noticed it’s not padded. Another thing I’m not a fan of!

On a more positive note, the briefs fit me really well and felt like they would be comfortable. They come up smaller than most other Masquerade styles, which is good for me as it meant the 8 fit rather than falling down (I’m looking at you, Rhea) but others may prefer to size up. The ‘nude’ coloured underlay also matched my skin quite well, so gave a good sheer look without showing off too much. It’s something I thought I ought to point out, as I can imagine it could look odd on one of the many skin tones significantly darker than my own.

Overall, I’m not a fan of this bra. I’ll be saving my pennies for a good deal on the beautiful Rosetti when I see it!


Urkye Skołowana Morska dress review

I’ve been lusting after this dress from Urkye ever since it first popped up on the blog. I loved the bright blue colour, the circle skirt and that black waistband which makes all the models’ waists look tiny. The day I came to place my Urkye order I was lucky enough to find a special offer on the dress in the very colour I wanted, but even at full price it’s only around £30 and worth every penny.

I really struggled getting full-length pictures so I’ve had to include this picture from the Urkye website to demonstrate what I’m doing most of the time while wearing this dress:

Seriously, I have to do this at least once an hour. I just can’t help it! The jersey has a great weight to it, which make it just perfect for twirling 🙂
The fabric is like a stretchy t-shirt, so it’s seriously comfortable. I’m really layering it up at the moment so I can wear it out in the chilly autumnal weather we’re having, but I can’t wait until summer when I can wear it out just as it is. It still looks smart, despite being so comfortable, so I think it’ll be a great option for easy summer dressing. The neckline is just the right height so you’re not showing off too much cleavage.

The colour is exactly what I wanted and works really well with my colouring. I think it has a bit more depth to it than it does in some of the photos, which is just what I’d hoped for. The black panel does as I expected and really slims your waist.

I ordered a 34o/oo and the fit was great across my chest. It’s a bit loose on my waist, but I expected this as the dress description warns that the waist is slightly bigger than the size chart. It’s great that information like this is included in the description as it means there are no nasty surprises and you’re more likely to get clothes that work for you first time. I plan to take the waist in a little at the side seams for a perfect fit, but until I get round to that I’m happy wearing it like this.

I’ve washed the dress a couple of times now and it’s still looking as good as new – no dye leakage or stretching – so I’m pleased with the quality.

Overall, I wholeheartedly recommend this dress, especially if you’re looking for a dress with a young feel or need something comfy but gorgeous at the same time!



Urkye “Francuski” Review

The first of my Urkye purchases I’m going to review is the blue “Francuski” top, which thanks to Google translate I’ve learnt means “French”. Ordering from Poland means you get great clothes and learn things at the same time!

The sizing chart actually puts me in a 34oo/ooo but I usually wear a 34b/bb in BiuBiu so I decided to order the Urkye equivalent size of 34o/oo in all three items. The material of this top is a viscose/polyester blend that has less stretch than the cotton top I ordered. This means it feels smaller than the other items, and consequently the waist fits me well. As my waist measurement is 64cm and this is the smallest size listed on the sizing chart, I was a little worried the clothes would be too big. This actually fits better in the waist than any clothing I’ve tried from BiuBiu (or Pepperberry, but that goes without saying as they don’t even sell a size 6). The bust feels a little tight, but I think it still looks good and it’s definitely wearable in this size.

I wasn’t too sure about the puffy sleeves when I saw it on the website, but I actually like them in person. There’s not too much puff and it adds a little interest to an otherwise plain top.

Please excuse my lumpy-looking bra band – I’m trying out a Rixie Clip on an EM bra which is far too big in the back. Look out for a Rixie Clip review soon!
It’s quite a novelty to have a top fit my narrow shoulders so well – if Urkye come out with strappy tops next year I’ll definitely give them a try as I get really sick of straps slipping down. Oh and the cut of the neck means there’s no chance your bra straps will be on show here either.

There’s a note on the website advising that you don’t wear a light-coloured bra under this before you wash it as some dye may come out. I washed the top by hand and there was some dye loss – not excessive – but the website’s advice is probably worth following!

Overall, I’m really pleased with this top. The quality is good, the fit is good and it was only about £15!